There are billions of existing servers in the world and some of them may be similar and others might be different. There are many types of servers such as web servers, application servers, dedicated hosting servers, virtual private servers, print servers, and many more.

What Is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is the process in which websites are hosted usually by service providers for their clients. The process is done to make the website available on the world wide web, meaning anyone with the internet will have access to your website. There are five types of web hosting namely VPS, shared, dedicated, word-press, and cloud hosting. Companies such as Quickserv excel at offering such amenities!

Dedicated Server

Dedicated server refers to the server in which the client company has an exclusive server for their operations only. Dedicated servers have better security than other servers and are more reliable. However, they cost a bit more. This server may not be for small-scale businesses because of low capital and they don’t really need a dedicated server for their operations.

What Is Dedicated Web Hosting?

Dedicated web hosting is provided to the client as their own server. However, this doesn’t mean they own the server but that they have full control over it. Since the client company has control over the server they need to look out for its security and management as well. Some different kinds of dedicated servers that are hosted are standard, cheap, enterprise, and high-performance dedicated servers.

Comparison With Shared Servers

As the name suggests, in shared servers, there are more than one client company. Now if we compare it to dedicated servers, the client will have full authority and control over the server whereas, in shared servers, the control is also shared.

Just like control, the cost is also divided in shared servers. In dedicated hosting, the client has to ensure security and maintenance on their own, however, in shared hosting the service provider takes care of it.

When To Use Dedicated Servers?

If the client has a good amount of capital with operations that are large-scaled, they should go for dedicated servers. If they aspire to attract high traffic to their websites, they need larger bandwidth than shared servers.


Dedicated hosting helps many large-scale companies to grow with full control over their server, and gives them freedom to choose the desired security system with larger bandwidth. They are not very cost-effective at first, but if the website gains traffic the business is more likely to gain more profit. Be sure to get in touch with firms such as Quickserv to avail more information about this topic.