There are many people who suffer from various kinds of diseases and sicknesses like cancer, tumour and abdominal pain and others. One of the treatments about which you must have been aware of is treatment through rife machine. Rife machine is a device which gives out low-energy electromagnetic waves & this machine was invented a centuries ago. Many claim that the machine has properties to destroy the cancer cells by changing into electrical impulses which comes from the tumour. The rife technology has enhanced to a great extent and these days there are rife software, which is available for the detection of diseases and its cure and checking its frequencies.

Spotting the Bacteria 

As per scientists Albert Abrams, the diseases couldn’t survive the electromagnetic frequencies by the rife machine. As per rife, there are bacteria behind the diseases like cancer, abdominal pain and so on. Besides that, they also claimed that, rife frequencies database can help them spot the bacteria and kill it through the electromagnetic waves. This was done by Rife Frequency Generator. Using a rife machine is very easy and simple. It has an enhanced technology, especially the software. The rife software technology can show you the frequencies of the diseases or abdominal pain, like 500, 2000, 2500 and so on. On the basis of which the treatment is done to cure the diseases and kill the bacteria.

Using the Rife Machine 

One of the main benefits of using the rife machine is that, you can use the machine several times a day, for weeks. There are non-harmful electrical pads in the machine, which the doctor will attach or put in your hands and feet. Then, the pads are connected to the machine and it gives out low electrical impulses at the same time, the database showing the frequency in numbers. Our body cells have charged molecules, which responds to the electrical impulses or fields from the outside of the body i.e. where the electrical pads are attached (i.e. through it).

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) 

Besides all of that, the PEMF can be used as an alternative solution to the chemotherapy and invasive tumour surgeries. Also, it was found in a study, that the rife technology or machine, can help in the prevention of the growth of cancer cells and it does not affect the normal cells. But it had to be done in a lab and not on humans. Another study found that, the PEMF (electromagnetic waves) can stop tumour growth.


Many healthcare professionals think that there is risk attached with the rife machine. But that’s not the case. Rife machines are generally safe. Also, the rife machines are costly. The rife machine should be used with care. Very few complaints have come of rashes and electrical shocks.