Finding my way in the YouTube world with Lenostube’s Monetized Channel


As a newbie to the YouTube world, I found myself in a situation where I needed to make a choice for my career path. Unsure of what content to create or which niche to pick, I knew I had to explore various options to generate a source of income. That’s when I stumbled upon Lenostube’s Monetized Channel feature. With this platform, I found a unique opportunity to jumpstart my YouTube journey without starting from scratch. In this blog post, I will share my experience with buying a monetized channel and how it helped me pave my way to success on YouTube.

Starting from Scratch: The Dilemma

When I decided to venture into the world of YouTube, I faced the common dilemma of most beginners – what content should I choose? What niche will resonate with my audience? The options seemed endless, but I had no prior experience or expertise in any specific field. Nevertheless, I knew that YouTube offered tremendous potential as a source of income, so I was determined to find a way.

Discovering Lenostube’s Monetized Channel

In my quest for a solution, I came across Lenostube’s unique proposition of buying a monetized YouTube channel. The idea piqued my interest as it offered an excellent opportunity to bypass the initial struggles of growing a channel from scratch. With Lenostube, all I needed to do was pick the niche I wanted to earn money from, and the rest was already set up for me.

The Allure of Monetization

Monetization on YouTube is a significant milestone for content creators. Achieving this status allows creators to earn revenue from ads displayed on their videos, and it requires fulfilling specific criteria set by YouTube. For a newbie like me, the thought of getting a monetized channel right away was incredibly enticing.

The Process: From Purchase to Monetization

  1. Exploring Lenostube’s Selection: Lenostube had a diverse range of monetized channels available for purchase. Each channel was centered around a particular niche, from technology and gaming to lifestyle and education. I spent time researching and analyzing which niche resonated with me the most.
  2. Making the Purchase: Once I settled on a niche, I went ahead and purchased the monetized channel through Lenostube’s platform. The process was smooth and hassle-free, and I received all the necessary details and access to the channel immediately.
  3. Understanding the Content: After acquiring the channel, I delved deep into the existing content to understand the audience and the type of videos that had performed well in the past. This gave me valuable insights into the preferences of my target audience.
  4. Adding My Personal Touch: While the channel already had a collection of videos, I wanted to infuse my personality and style into the content. I started planning new videos that aligned with the niche while incorporating my unique voice.
  5. Learning the Ropes: As a newbie, I needed to learn the technicalities of creating and uploading videos, optimizing titles, tags, and descriptions, and engaging with viewers. It was a learning curve, but the existing content on the channel provided a solid foundation to build upon.
  6. Monetization Milestone: Thanks to the channel’s existing viewership and subscriber base, I was able to meet the YouTube monetization requirements faster than if I had started from scratch. Within just one week of purchase, I achieved the coveted monetization status, and I was on my way to earning revenue from my videos.

The Organic Advantage

One of the key benefits of starting with a monetized channel was the organic growth potential. Since the channel had already established its presence and garnered a loyal audience, my new videos received immediate attention. The content’s discoverability and higher watch time contributed to organic growth, which in turn boosted my revenue potential.

Navigating the Challenges

While buying a monetized channel provided a significant advantage, I did encounter some challenges along the way. Here are a few:

  1. Content Consistency: Maintaining content consistency and quality was essential to retain the existing audience while attracting new viewers.
  2. Building Authentic Connections: As a new face on the channel, I needed to establish authentic connections with the audience and build trust.
  3. Finding My Passion: While the channel’s niche was chosen for its income potential, I still had to discover my passion within that niche. Striking a balance between profit and personal fulfillment was crucial.


My journey with Lenostube’s Monetized Channel has been a rewarding experience. It allowed me to bypass the initial struggles and hurdles of starting from scratch, providing me with a head start on my YouTube career. While I may have begun as a newbie unsure of my content and niche, I was able to carve my path and find success organically. Buying a monetized channel was not just a shortcut but an opportunity to learn, grow, and fulfill my aspirations in the vast world of YouTube. So, if you find yourself in a similar situation, consider exploring the option of buying a monetized channel to kick-start your own YouTube journey. I used lenostube, but there are many good places to buy a monetized channel!


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