UPSs, are among the most valuable and crucial additions to your house. In the event of a power loss, a battery for UPS (แบตเตอรี่ UPS, which is the term in Thai) can keep the computer and other electronic gadgets running for a limited time. You’ll have time to back up your files, power off your computers, and safeguard your electronics. Lightning strikes can result in instantaneous damage, such as destroying electronic components and metals. It’s more likely that these power surges or brief voltage spikes will originate within your home.

Battery backup systems may power everything from home appliances to data servers. It is essential to check the UPS batteries to ensure that they have enough life to safeguard your gadgets from power spikes. By following these tips and tricks, learn how to get more use out of your UPS batteries.

Tips And Tricks To Expand Battery Life Of UPS

·       Perform Routine Maintenance

Don’t just ignore the UPS’s constant chirping; keep an eye out for anything in its operation. If your batteries become completely depleted, you will have 48 hours to charge them. Examine the reserve power of the batteries. Overheated batteries can melt plastic and metal components inside the machine, so replacing them is essential as soon as they show signs of stress.

·       Install Your UPS In A Cool And Dry Location.

You should store a battery for UPS in a place where the temperature never rises over 77 degrees Fahrenheit (25 degrees Celsius). If the temperature increases by 8 degrees Celsius, your battery may only last half as long. Air needs to be able to circulate the unit, so make sure you give it a minimum of two to three inches on all sides. Keep your UPS away from drafty windows and damp locations.

·       Calibrate Your Battery For UPS At Least Once A Year.

Running runtime calibration also helps UPS batteries last longer. Batteries only need to be calibrated once or twice yearly to stay healthy, as more frequent calibrations might drastically shorten their lifespan. Avoid this oversight, as UPS batteries may be pretty pricey.

Final Takeaway

The key factors that affect cell viability are temperature and frequency. Users of UPS systems with display screens can get real-time information on the state of their batteries and whether or not their current settings are optimal. Now that you have these pointers, you may look forward to a more extended life of the USP battery.