The legal world is quickly changing, thanks to AI (Artificial Intelligence) and remote video technology such as Zoom for legal depositions. These innovations for legal  Zoom transcription are making a big difference in pre-trial depositions, making things faster and more accurate for litigators. Traditionally, the legal field has been slow to embrace new technology. Remember how new and scary email was in 2003 or cloud computing in 2010. Nothing comes close, however, to the speed and impact that Artificial Intelligence is having related to the legal profession. The speed at which the new future of AI-assisted Zoom remote depositions could be the norm and a key part of legal work, is impressive.

Artificial Intelligence in Law: Transforming Legal Research and ...

Redefining Court Reporting with AI

Gone are the days when taking testimony relied solely on shorthand reporters and their steno machines. This approach, while useful in the past, now faces challenges like cost and time delays, the hassle of travel, and the complexity of coordinating everyone’s time. Not to mention, stenographers can’t always catch every word accurately, especially with accents or specialized terms, leading to possible errors in the transcripts.

It’s no secret that the number of skilled stenographers is dropping, with not enough new people entering the field. This shortage is a big problem for the litigation industry, as the demand for precise and quick transcripts keeps growing.

The Problems with Old-Fashioned Depositions

The traditional way of handling depositions, with everyone needing to be in the same place at the same time, is full of inefficiencies. Lawyers, witnesses, and experts have to deal with the hassle of travel and scheduling, which wastes time and money. Plus, relying on human stenographers adds another layer of delay and potential for mistakes, making the legal process even slower and more complicated. 

Since the Covid Pandemic, we’ve become a “Zoom culture”  and this is no different for litigators and the legal profession as a whole. Remote Zoom depositions , AI assisted deposition transcription recordings and eDiscovery software platforms are becoming more normal everyday business for litigators. As evidenced by the number of ABA Tech Show 2024 sessions and presenters talking about remote proceedings and AI related issues, there’s a ton of interest.