When you enter a hotel business, the main motive that hovers around is increasing the sale of the hotel. Distribution is critical in making a hotel business successful so it can thrive in the market. The main aim of Channel Management Software for hotels is to enable the customers to get hold of the hotels easily. Thus, a hotel’s CMS is a solution that helps sell hotel rooms simultaneously through various online booking websites. Having such software is equal to having a round-the-clock reservation department or a professional sales team that investigates the generation of revenue that you earn from selling the rooms of the hotels.

Features of Channel Management Software for Hotels

When a customer does a hotel room booking through an online travel agency, the room booked gets sold out from all the other platforms that show the availability of the room till a customer book it. This can be painful, confusing, and time-consuming when done manually. However, with the help of these Channel Management Software for hotels, the entire room booking process becomes much easier, saving up a lot of time. This software has some of the most unique and distinct features. Here is a list of such features for you to look at:

  1. Supports Major Integrations

If you are looking for a proper and smooth-running hotel business management system, you would need more than one Channel Management Software for hotels. An all-in-one CMS for hotels must include a booking engine, property management system, accounting software, and housekeeping management. Bringing all of these facilities together is termed integrated hotel channel management. Here is a list of tasks that you can perform if you integrate your hotel CMS:

  • Integration of crucial data over several channels and platforms
  • Setting the booking rules and automating them for various other channels
  • Getting reports about the performance of the hotel
  • Getting insights on several financial reports for various operations of the hotel
  • Setting automatic notifications for every single booking that enters through various booking websites
  • Introduction of cross-selling and upselling for various distribution channels
  • Building a Profile for the Guests

One of the best things Channel Management Software for hotels does for you is that it helps you build a profile for your guests where the guests enter their personal choices and details. This will help you to provide a personalized guest experience. You can look up the customers’ profiles and customize things according to their preferences and choices. These kinds of software also allow saving credit card details with the help of a secured network. The main purpose is to save a customer’s time when they make a booking next time. They will not have to enter the details repeatedly since they will already be saved. Various other things can be added as additional information to build a guest profile. These include; necessary amenities, favourite room, meal time, etc.

  • Automated Payment Updates

A Channel Management Software for hotels would be able to set automated updates about the payment status. This can be the payments that are under process or even the payments that have already been settled. With the help of this, you will be able to track and understand how your guests like to pay for their bookings. This will later help you to customize the payment modes and their availability. This would again depend on your guest’s preferences and choices.

  • Assurance of the Rate Parity

An ideal Channel Management Software for hotels must assure and take care of the rate parity through various channels. By assuring an equal rate parity, it means that the prices displayed on various channels must reflect the same until and unless a change is made from the main dashboard. If you want to change the price for the rooms across the various channels, you will have to change from the main dashboard. Once you do that, the new rate you enter will reflect on all the distribution channels.

  • Automated Currency Conversion

The best Channel Management Software for hotels will be able to automatically convert the room rates into various other currencies and show them over all the channels it has been distributed. This means that there will almost be no chance of your hotel losing out on customers because of the rate conversion.



A Channel Management Software for hotels can customize everything required to achieve specific business goals. This software is automated software and thus can do everything perfectly. There will not be any need to investigate any aspect manually. Thus, rest assured that all the requirements will be taken care of.

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