We all know that using our phones can be bad for our health. The blue light that emits from screens can disrupt our sleep, and the constant scrolling and staring can lead to neck and eye strain. But did you know that your phone case can also be harming your health?

Most phone cases are made from plastic, which can contain harmful chemicals like bisphenol A (BPA) and phthalates. These chemicals can leach into our skin and bloodstream, causing hormone disruption and other health problems. Wooden phone cases are a great alternative to plastic, as they are free of harmful chemicals and are much more sustainable. Plus, they look way cooler than plastic cases!

A new study has found that using a cell phone case can help to protect your device – and your health. The study, conducted by the University of Plymouth, looked at the effect of different types of cases on the amount of electromagnetic radiation emitted by a phone. They found that cases can reduce the amount of radiation emitted by up to 99{ad14a84bfdbfbe4439aed2bfc2fac9703fddcdce44edaeadf45089f013372a53}, meaning that they could potentially reduce your exposure to harmful EMF radiation. So if you’re looking for a way to protect your health and your phone, investing in a case could be a wise move.

Most people in the United States own some type of smart phone, and iPhones are one of the most popular types of smart phones. iPhones have many features that make them convenient for everyday life.

OTTO Wooden iPhone Case is the perfect way to protect your investment and show off your style. These cases are made from high-quality wood, and each one is unique. The natural grain of the wood makes each case one of a kind, and the cases are finished with a durable clear coating that protects your phone from scratches and scuffs. OTTO Wood iPhone 14 Pro Case is available in a variety of styles to suit your personality. Choose from cases with intricate carved designs, or keep it simple with a solid wood case. No matter what your style, there’s an iPhone 14 Pro Wood Case for you. OTTO Wood iPhone 14 Pro Max Case is not only stylish, but also functional. The wood construction provides a natural grip that prevents your phone from slipping out of your hand. And, the clear coating protects your phone from scratches and scuffs. If you’re looking for a stylish and innovative way to protect your iPhone, look no further than OTTO Wood iPhone Cases. These unique cases are sure to turn heads, and they’ll keep your phone safe and sound. Wood cases are also lightweight, shockproof, waterproof and environment-friendly.

Wooden phone cases are becoming increasingly popular as people look for ways to add a personal touch to their phone. These cases can be engraved with a personal message or design, making them a great gift for someone special. Custom wood phone cases can be used as a protective case for your phone, or as a decoration. They can also be used to show off your personal style, or to promote your business.

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