The number of individuals on your email list and the proportion of folks who receive your email are two different things, according to email marketers.

However, there are several strategies to enhance your email deliverability rate, one of the most straightforward is to increase your “list cleanliness” habits. The act of developing and managing email lists so that they are optimized for deliverability and reach your clients’ inboxes is known as list hygiene.

Insurance agents that utilize a marketing automation system in addition to their company management system should pay special attention to this problem.

To enhance your deliverability rate, learn these three recommended practices for email list cleanliness or for Email Hygiene.

Create a page for email preferences

Set up an “email preferences page” and link to it at the end of your emails beside the “unsubscribe” link to maintain your email list clean. Members may self-select the kind of emails they wish to receive from you via an email preferences page.

You’ll get fewer unsubscribe and spamming accusations if you allow consumers to self-select.

Inactive subscriptions should be removed

Your open rate will immediately improve when you remove inactive subscribers. And internet providers like Email services utilize your open rate to assess your “reputation” as a sender.

For instance, suppose you have 1,000 subscribers, but 200 of them are “inactive,” indicating they have not yet opened an email from you in the last 18 months. This indicates that even if 50{ad14a84bfdbfbe4439aed2bfc2fac9703fddcdce44edaeadf45089f013372a53} of your active subscribers read your email, the open rate would only be 40{ad14a84bfdbfbe4439aed2bfc2fac9703fddcdce44edaeadf45089f013372a53}.

If you remove the 200 inactive subscribers from your list, your open rate will automatically improve to 50{ad14a84bfdbfbe4439aed2bfc2fac9703fddcdce44edaeadf45089f013372a53} the next time you send emails.

Before you delete inactive subscribers, reach out to them to give them a chance to stay on your list.

Maintain the accuracy of your data

If you don’t keep your email records up to date and correct, your email deliverability will suffer, and you’ll end up with additional work later. You can customize your emails more if you have more information about your subscribers. And the more personal the email is, the more it will be relevant to the recipient. This leads to increased list engagement, which is a consideration email service providers evaluate when deciding to filter messages.

If you want to deliver a cross-sell email to your list regarding your home insurance products, for example, you can send it to the relevant people if you divide them effectively using reliable data. You may be sending irrelevant emails regarding house insurance to your life insurance clients if you don’t segment your list or deliver the wrong content to prospects.

This may raise the odds of your email being sent to the SPAM bin.

Choose one or two of these best practices to apply this month, and educate your staff on the need of maintaining clean and correct data in the future. Email marketing is a pretty simple medium to set up and forget about.

However, at least once a year, you strive to improve your email hygiene to ensure that you’re delivering relevant messages to consumers who want to hear from you. As a result, you will gain vital insight into your prospects’ tastes and what motivates them to make a purchase. And connect to a professionals if you are not able to understand carry on things.