Have you shifted your house recently and looking for a new cable television connection at your home but you are still confused that which type of connection you should install at your new place? We are here to solve all your queries by helping you to make sure what to do about your cable TV connection. Mainly you are having two choices to get a TV connection, the one is cable TV and the other is direct to Home or DTH. Both of them is known for providing entertainment experience to their viewers as it is well equipped with a lot of entertaining content. Cable TV is well equipped with the best cable channels so that you will be able to enjoy your leisure time with your family members after watching your favourite shows or movies along with them.

Both direct to Home and cable television have so many differences. Let’s find out some of the differences between these two connections to understand which one is the right choice for you.

Difference between DTH and cable TV

The first difference between DTH and cable TV is that cable television is older Technology than DTH. Before the arrival of direct Home connection, people use to watch their favourite shows and different content over cable television only. However, cable television provides various advantages to its users despite being old technology.

Pricing: Pricing is the first difference you should consider while opting for any TV connection at your place. The price of cable TV is much cheaper than compared to DTH cable connection. When you go for a DTH cable connection you need to install a setup box which also required additional charges. But with the cable TV connection, you do not need to install such a setup box so you get yourself benefited from paying other charges required for setting such a setup box.

Connectivity: We have also seen that during the time of the rainy season or when Storms arrived dish antenna installed at your place won’t be able to get Signals and your entertainment experience got hampered as you won’t be able to watch the content on your television. On the other hand, if you have installed cable TV at your place so you don’t have to worry about any rainy season or Storms arrival. The signal of cable TV does not get damaged or affected by such weather and its broadcasting still going on.

Picture quality: For transmitting the content to your house the DTH operators use digital transmission signals while the cable TV operators use analogue transmission channels that affect the picture quality of the content. DTH is known for providing better picture quality because digital transmission is considered to be one of the most ideal ways in providing the highest picture quality to its viewers. Most of the DTH operators present in the US is known for providing high definition video along with 4k TV set-top boxes which are not provided by any cable TV operator.

Customer support: one of the most important thing that every consumer consider before choosing their cable TV operator or DTH operator is the customer support provided by the service provider. As compared to Cable TV service providers DTH TV service provider is known for providing better customer support because they are having a huge team of customer support representatives who are well trained in their respective job to provide ideal support to their customers. As most of the cable TV operators operate locally so they are not having huge customer support staff because of which the customers have to wait for a longer period to fix their problem.

Availability: If we talk about the factor called availability then from various research it has been found out that DTH connection providers make their service available almost to every part of the country including the most remote areas. The DTH connection provider required clear Skype to get the connection which they get anywhere in the country that is why they are known for providing an area-wide network to its viewers including urban, suburban and rural areas. But on the other hand, if we talk about cable TV service providers then they are known for offering their services only to a limited area and range of the country.

Another most important thing that influences your decision regarding the purchasing of DTH TV or cable TV is is whether you want to have the experience of Smart TV or not. The DTH connection provider provides with Android box so that you will be able to watch your streaming videos or any other content on your smart TV which is not possible with cable TV as cable TV operators do not offer such features.