Firebase is a set of tools that are offered by Google to build scalable applications It is a great solution that can help in building applications in a fast and better way without reinventing the components or modules. Firebase provides the solutions such as analytics, authentication, configuration, databases, file storage, push messaging. This helps to make it easy for the developers to focus on the user experience of the application. Few people prefer using Firebase, but the majority of people don’t. Given are some reasons when not to prefer firebase as your backend:

  • Firebase relies on a flat hierarchy of nested data in the development of the android app. It is seen that relational queries cannot be dealt with ease in firebase. The reason to go for useful best Firebase alternatives is to ensure that the data is synchronized easily whenever any update occurs. This results in high overhead processing time. If your data model often needs to deal with updates or requires more than a single join query, it is better not to choose firebase.
  • Several experts suggest not choosing Firebase for android applications if the application operation is about performing deep and complex querying. Some queries such as reversing the elements in a collection cannot be performed with Firebase.
  • Using Firebase increases the probability of facing the inconsistency issue while handling complex queries. Even firebase supports few offline operations, concurrency can happen during any period that may lead to inconsistencies.
  • You definitely need to look for the best firebase alternative especially when you don’t want to share any of your data with a third party. Thus, it is recommended not to opt for the firebase database. In firebase, security rules are limited which makes it very difficult in building enterprise applications over them.
  • If your aim is to integrate your firebase with the other microservices, it is recommended to choose anything besides the firebase database. Data migration becomes difficult with firebase. It also caches data in memory which makes the whole process slow.

With this, you’ll know when firebase is not the best choice to use it. It is important to understand your application completely and analyze the functionalities. Know the applications that need to be scaled and the type of queries required. Only after an in-depth analysis, one can conclude which firebase alternative to select as the backend solution for the application.