Sales tools are not only for lead generation but also for saving time by knowing which lead to follow. The truth around marketing strategies is that someone or the other will not be attentive to it. The personalized mail strategy or social media offer will get attention but not of all the people. One might be interested in a product but avoid buying it for the time being. Such people might open a mail but won’t go to the last. As the same time there will be people who will follow each and every step and download all the attachments trying delve deep into the details. Pursuing the later can have a positive effect while going after the former will result in nothing except waste of time.

The problem in keeping an eye on everyone

During an email marketing, a company would send amils to many people. It is almost impossible to check if any of those have replied with a question or something. It is not an option as it is not convenient. But tools such as FlashCloud can do the job just like the way it generated the leads. Sales Intelligence tools are capable of getting information on the recipient’s response to the mails. These tools show a score indicative of the level of response. This score helps sales teams to understand who are showing some interest and who are trying to avoid it.

Once this becomes clear, thanks to Sales Engagement tools, employees can find better ways to approach the interested people. Though the number of people you approach again will be shorter, there will be a higher chance of a deal. It will be time saving procedure as there is no need to customize a message or offer for a person who showed no interest.

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