With the emergence of IGTV (Instagram new video platform), the rivalry with YouTube has already begun to be discussed. After all, between YouTube and IGTV, which platform is better? Is YouTube still relevant with other video hosting platforms like IGTV? Even with similar goals, each one has its particularities. When it comes to brand recognition, it is true that YouTube stands stronger, above all, a proven platform for thousands of businesses for years. It is the reason why YouTube marketing is still the favorite for the digital marketers. In this doubt, we decided to clarify the advantages of each one to see which one stands out best and you can choose the best one to consume and produce. 

YouTube: the long proven platform

In addition to millions of content already in the catalog, he receives new products every day. The supply is constant and numerous. Much also comes from its establishment, which has been going on for over ten years. When thinking about video sites, it is inevitable that the first one is YouTube. Data shows 1.9 billion new users each month. Creators, with their new guidelines, get lucrative earning opportunities. So much so that creators earning more than $10,000 annually grew by 35{ad14a84bfdbfbe4439aed2bfc2fac9703fddcdce44edaeadf45089f013372a53}, while those earning more than $100,000 grew by 40{ad14a84bfdbfbe4439aed2bfc2fac9703fddcdce44edaeadf45089f013372a53}.

The platform also generates the advantage of unlimited video time. That is, your content can last two minutes or five hours. Despite inconsistencies with its algorithms, YouTube is still the market leader and the first choice of many. YouTube has an important differential against its competitor – displaying videos horizontally.

From an entrepreneur, to the billion-dollar industry, YouTube has it all to support recognizing your brand / service worldwide.


Even recent in the market, IGTV also brings its advantages to compete. The main one is in the image it provides. Instagram is a social network loved by users, so the platform with it generates a positive look. The Instagram usage cycle has also grown in recent years and is growing more and more. The flow from account to account and video to video is cleaner and more fluid than YouTube. There is also a greater ease in creating your channel and publishing your videos. The main quality of IGTV at this point is novelty. The platform has just arrived and is gaining attention for its uniqueness, especially with the vertical format, which is natural for smart phone users.

Future of YouTube and IGTV

With a profitable YouTube stability, IGTV next step will be sponsored posts. It is already very common on Instagram, as the formula making it more inviting to users. The platform can also change not only the market, but also the way we consume video. Meanwhile, YouTube remains in its shadow drinking coconut water. In addition to a higher number of users, the platform has been presenting news for the future. They are focusing more on YouTube Premium and Music. In addition to bringing a signature tone to users, it allows exclusive releases, expanding possibilities for creativity and productions.

Can you use both?

It is always good to have one more possibility to consume or publicize your work. Nobody forces you to watch just one of the two. After all, you adapt your taste to what you like best. Moreover, at the end of the day, as important as the platform is, the highlight will always be the content. You should definitely follow some influencer who has content on both platforms. It generates a positive look at the market. It ends up being even more positive for YouTube, which receives the IGTV audience, but without harming the site.

However, when it comes to brand / product / service recognition, YouTube is the sure winner.